November Writing

Hey there. It’s December. Which means it’s really dark and finals are upon me and I have zero motivation to do anything. Three weeks from now there will be Christmas music and a lot of sleep, but now it’s just studying studying studying. When I’m not studying, I’m glued to the refresh button on my email, waiting for responses to my job applications which should be coming any day now. The anxiety is real, guys.


I did not participate in National Novel Writing Month this year, because I already had a crazy November and I didn’t want a repeat of last year. I’m trying really hard to keep up my writing self-esteem.


My writing goal for November was to completely finish and submit the middle grade sci fi story Ive been  working on for a while now. I’d like to say I succeeded, but I overestimated how much I could accomplish during the first three weeks of November, and I underestimated how much sleep I would need over Thanksgiving break to recover from the first three weeks of November. Basically, I had two papers and the multistate professional responsibility exam during the first three weeks of November. So I spent Thanksgiving break recovering from that, and then I came back to school for the last week of classes, which were simultaneously winding down and ramping up for finals studying. So I did not complete a final draft of this story, and I did not submit it.


I did complete the first draft and do a round of easy edits (the fixing all the weird Braille typos kind of edits). I know it isn’t all I wanted to do but I feel accomplished because I’ve been working on this draft for a long time. It has a long way to go before it’s a final draft, but I believe in this little story.


So my December goal is to pour on the steam and finish the story. Ideally, I would like to finish it by the December 15 deadline for the anthology I want to submit it to, but I have two finals next week and two papers due a few days after the 15th, so I admit that might not be feasible. If I can get it in, excellent. If I can’t, just getting the story done before the new year would be great.


I’ll be back in a few days with my November Reading Roundup. In the meantime, happy December.


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